DNA tests

Now in implant and cosmetic dentistry clinic Neodenta you can perform all kinds of DNA tests completely confidentially, affordably and precisely.

DNA is a molecule in the nucleus of the cell with all the genetic information. These tests are now done using oral epithelium cells.

Rapidly advancing biotechnology sciences make various DNA tests more affordable, the most known being the paternity DNA test. The paternity tests provides clients with assurance. We are happy to inform that the DNA paternity test is a simple procedure with reliability up to 99.9999%.

These tests allow to determine the family history of diseases – both hereditary, passed on generation to generation, and the probability of various diseases and conditions.

DNA tests can also be used creating family trees. Using genetic databases, ancestors and other relatives can be identified. Since the Y chromosome is passed on without changes, DNA tests can be used to identify one’s ancestry.

Genetic testing is also used to identify the type of cancer, virus or the existence of mutated cells.

DNA tests of new species help scientists discover their origin and their link to knows lifeforms.

DNA tests are also commonly used to confirm relations (brothers and sisters).

Prenatal genetic tests can help determine whether the unborn fetus will have any untreatable illnesses.

They are also used to determine parenthood. Authorities use them to solve legal problems and any disagreements.

DNA tests are used in medicine for rare and hereditary diseases.

Furthermore, such tests are helpful in solving murder and other crimes. Often the criminal leaves some of his DNA in the crime scene and the test can help apprehend the offender. Lately, many unsolved mysteries were cleared using these new test methods.






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