Aistė, photo nominated for Lietuvos ponia 2012,
Photo nominated for Mis laikinoji sostinė 2002

The beauty and aesthetics of the teeth are very important to me. Nowadays, a lot of attention goes to tooth health – they have to be white and attractive. I have come to this clinic knowing that great professionals work here and that dentists at Neodenta have been pioneers in cosmetic dentistry in Lithuania. I was not disappointed – now I have beautiful white teeth. Professional advice helped me pick the right treatment. Sincerity, honesty and thoroughness would be how I would describe the work I’ve seen. I am very grateful to my doctors.

Rasa Dekerytė

I would like to thank doctor Justinas - he removed my tooth very skillfully! He’s a miracle worker when it comes to extracting teeth, it’s unbelievable. If you ever have the ’luck’ of having a tooth extracted, think of HIM, the tooth fairy.


I cannot find words to express my gratitude... You are unbelievably kind... You are a great person and a fantastic doctor! Thank you. Acknowledgement for doctor Eglė Kunčiuvienė

Gustė and her mom Rūta

We wish to thank our doctors. Only here have our problems ended. Everywhere else Gustė was afraid to show her teeth. In Neodenta children’s waiting room we were surprised by the attention: toys, movies, gifts – everything to encourage the child to come back again. She often doesn’t even want to go home!