Fluoridation of tooth enamel using the Fluorinex system

Fluorinex system is designed to protect teeth from decay. It’s a modern and effective method for long-term teeth fluoridation.


Advantages of Fluorinex:

  • quick, effective, safe - Fluorinex ensured fluoride assimilation;
  • long-term effect - the procedure is performed once yearly;
  • for both children and adults;
  • completely painless.

How does Fluorinex work?

Fluoride is used for the procedure. This element promotes tooth tissue regeneration, protects from decay and reduces sensitivity. The procedure has two stages. During the first stage a special agent creates a positive tooth surface polarity. It takes about a minute. In the second stage special trays are filled with fluoride gel. In an electrochemical reaction fluoride ions are attracted to the surface of the tooth, replace hydroxide ions in the outer layer of enamel and form fluorapatite, a significantly more resistant material. This reinforced outer layer increases chemical and physical resistance of the teeth to external factors and the acids created by bacteria, promotes remineralization of tooth hard tissues.

The procedure is completely save, since fluoride acts only on the surface of the tooth and does not enter the body.

The procedure takes around 10-15 minutes for both jaws.


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