Medical tourism



Lithuania stands out from the other countries by the high quality dental services and attractive service price. For those desiring to get a treatment in Lithuania, NEODENTA clinic offers all dental services under one roof as well as guarantees the quality of the service.


For those desiring to get a treatment at our clinic, we take care of you and your trip in the way it will not lead to any additional incoveniences:


1. We provide professional advice before your arrival;

2. We compensate the expenses for the inbound and outbound flight;

* Applies only for EU citizens;

** Valid only when registering two months before the treatment;

3. Transportation of the clinic will take you from the airport and to the airport on your departure;

4. We book the hotel according to your needs (we cooperate with the hotels of differrent categories in Kaunas);

5. We constantly consult ant take care of your health after the treatment at our clinic;


Contact the administration of the clinic by phone: +370 684 21 260 or e-mail: and we will discuss your treatment in NEODENTA clinic in details.