Mouthguards for athletes

Protective mouthguards for athletes is a great way to protect teeth from trauma during various sports activities. Custom mouthguards provide protection for teeth and soft tissues of the mouth. They are more comfortable than standard mouthguards.

At Neodenta clinic we offer mouthguards of various types and colors.

Nowadays mouthguards are used in all sports, where contact with an opponent is likely - basketball, football, rugby, handball, boxing.

A powerful impact moves the jaw which may cause lesions to the lip, cheeks or tongue rupture. Mouthguards act as an absorbent of force between the soft and hard tissues of the mouth. Smooth corners protect the soft tissues.

Protective mouthguards are comfortable, odorless, tasteless, do not obtrude breathing and speaking, are durable to damage (ruptures), are not cumbersome, but are thick enough.

Standard mouthguards are not as precise as custom ones. Custom mouthguards offer more protection for the teeth. In extreme conditions a standard mouthguard may fall out. Clinical studies show that such a scenario is highly unlikely using custom mouthguards.




Protective mouthguards are recommended for:

  • karate;
  • field hockey;
  • rollerskating;
  • rugby;
  • squash;
  • kick-boxing;
  • ice hockey;
  • polo;
  • motocross;
  • boxing;
  • football;
  • basketball;
  • handball;
  • judo;
  • wrestling;
  • horse-riding;
  • water skiing

Modern technologies will protect your child’s teeth!

Let us take care of the safety of you and your children!


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