Restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry is concerned with non-surgical treatment of damaged teeth and gums.


The main goal is to diagnose disease, protect the vital tooth pulp from damage and keep teeth healthy and attractive as long as possible.


Acids in the mouth cause damage to tooth hard tissues – dental decay or caries, one of the most common diseases in the world. When decay is only superficial, teeth may be sensitive to sweet foods. If decay progresses further, teeth become sensitive to hot and cold irritants. In deep carious lesions the tooth can not only be sensitive, food can get trapped inside the cavity.


Dental therapists treat dental decay, replace old fillings, perform cosmetic dentistry and restore broken teeth. In Neodenta clinic only the most advanced and clinically tested materials are used. Clinicians will assess the condition of your teeth and suggest the most appropriate treatment.


Carious teeth can be filled with:










  • light-cured composite;
  • glass-ionomer material;
  • Kerr sonic fill composite using a Kerr sonic fill handpiece. Using this handpiece the cavity is filled without using hand instruments. Air bubble formation is avoided, the filling closely adapts to cavity walls, has low shrinkage.


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