Darius Kunčius

Dental care license No OPL-01513

Short biography

2008–2009 postgraduate studies in Frankfurt Goethe University

Since 2008 member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Since 2007 member of European Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Since 2005 member of Lithuanian National Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Since 2004 member of Lithuanian Dental Chamber

Since 2002 member of Kaunas dental club Concordia

Since 2003 head of clinic Neodenta

1998 licensed prosthodontist.

1996 residency in KMU, Kaunas Kalniečiai polyclinic

1995 graduated from KMU Faculty of Dentistry

Courses and apprenticeships

2013: pre-congress courses Dental photography techniques and opportunities / Dr. med. dent. Wolfgang Bengel (Bensheim, Germany)

2013: 5th Quintessence Baltic Anniversary International Conference / Perfection in Dentistry. World Leaders' Aims and Achievements/ Dr. med. dent. Pascal Magne (Switzerland) / Dr. med. dent. Wolfgang Bengel (Bensheim, Germany) / Dr. Alessandro Ponte (Turin, Italy) / Dr. Justinas Bardijevskis (Kaunas, Lithuania) / Dr. Regimantas Simuntis (Kaunas, Lithuania)

2013: Nobel Biocare Study Club Conference. David Thoni (UK) (Vilnius, Lithuania)

2013 Erkodent courses: mouth guards for athletes and their manufacturing, sleep apnea appliances and their manufacturing, protective mouthguards (bruxism, bleaching, orthodontic, protective after cosmetic dentistry, protective after prosthetic treatment) Theory and Practice. / Prof. Harlkeinz Both / Prof. Holger Vogt. (Germany)

2013 seminar The perfect smile: Preparation-free Veneers (Lumineers) and traditional veneers. Lecturer Prof. Dr. Jurgen Wahlmann (Germany)

2012 Quintessence Baltic Conference / Today vs. the Future. Modern and future technologies / DMD Didier Dietschi (Geneva, Switzerland) / Dr. Med. Dent. Alessandro Devigus (Zurich, Switzerland) / Prof. dr. Ashok Sethi (London, UK) / Dr. Med. Dent. Helmut Walsch (Munich, Germany)

2012 Quintessence Baltic Bruxismus / 4th annual international conference / Prof. CHARLES McNEILL, D.D.S. (University of California, San Francisco) / Prof. PATRICIA A. RUDD, PT, DPT, CCTT. (University of California, San Francisco) / Ieva Darandė (J.Jankauskas ir partneriai, Vilnius, Lithuania) / Prof. Sandro Palla (University of Zurich) / Prof. Daniel Paesani (University of Salvador / AOA, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

2010 ITI World Symposium 2010. New clinical methods for diagnosis and treatment planning / W. Scarfe (USA), K. Akimoto (USA), K. Fischer (Sweden) et al. New and proven treatment procedures / A. Kumar J (USA), A. Stricker (Germany) et al. Complications in implant dentistry or dealing with reality / D. Morton (USA), L. Cordano (Italy) et al. (Switzerland)

2010 14th DENTSPLY Friadent World Symposium 2010 Focused on your Practice Success / Prof. Lim K. Cheung (Hong Kong), DMD H. Salama (USA), Prof. dr. H. Weber (Germany)

2009 Bio Horizons European Congress / BioHorizons President and CEO R. Steven Boggan (Portugal)

2009 theoretical and hands-on courses Micro invasive and Macro invasive Veneer Reconstruction on Heat-resistant Models / Doc. T. Koržinskas, dr. Jan Shunemann (Germany)

2009 international conference Advances in Cosmetic Dentistry / Prof. G. Rasperini (Italy), Dr. I. Ahmad (UK), Prof. F. Ferraris (Italy), Dr. G. Ricci (Italy), Dr. I. Ivanciūtė (Lithuania), Dr. O. Yuksell (Germany), Dr. D. Winkler (UK), Dr. Eglė Kunčiuvienė (Lithuania), Dr. Lucian Toma Ciocan (Romania)

2009 hands-on courses Porcelain Veneers and Their Application / Dr. I. Ahmad (UK)

2008 international conference Aesthetic and Functional Dental Solutions / Dr. G. Gurel (Turkey), Prof. N. Bichacho (Israel), Prof. C. Zapala (Italy), Doc. T. Koržinskas (Germany), Dr. D. Kountoura (Greece), Doc. Dr. J. Jonaitis, Dr. Ž. Jonaitis (Lithuania)

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