Tomas Jašinskas

Implant surgeon
Dental care license No OPL-01049

Short biography

Since 2013: member of International Team for Implantology

Since 2009: active member of Baltic Osseointegration Academy

Since 2005: member of Lithuanian National Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Since 2004: member of Lithuanian Dental Chamber

Since 2003: works at implant and cosmetic dental clinic Neodenta

2000–2003: worked at Šilainiai dental clinic, reorganized into implant and cosmetic dental clinic Neodenta

1999: completed primary residency at KMU Kaunas Šilainiai polyclinic

1998: graduated from KMU Faculty of Dentistry

Courses and apprenticeships

2013: pre-congress courses Dental photography techniques and opportunities / Dr. med. dent. Wolfgang Bengel (Bensheim, Germany)

2013: 5th Quintessence Baltic Anniversary International Conference / Perfection in Dentistry. World Leaders' Aims and Achievements/ Dr. med. dent. Pascal Magne (Switzerland) / Dr. med. dent. Wolfgang Bengel (Bensheim, Germany) / Dr. Alessandro Ponte (Turin, Italy) / Dr. Justinas Bardijevskis (Kaunas, Lithuania) / Dr. Regimantas Simuntis (Kaunas, Lithuania)

2013: implant densitry courses Immediate Vertical Bone Augmentation Using Autologous Bone Rings in Complicated Cases / Dr. Bernd Giesenhagen (Germany), Dr. Med. Nobert Fock (Vienna, Austria)

2013: Nobel Biocare Study Club Conference. David Thoni (UK) (Vilnius, Lithuania)

2013: seminar The perfect smile. Preparation-free Veneers (Lumineers) and traditional veneers. Lecturer Prof. Dr. Jurgen Wahlmann (Germany)

2012: international conference Many questions - many answers / Prof. D. Paesani (Argentina) / Prof. S.Palla (Switzerland) / Prof. Ch. McNeill, DDS / Prof. P. Rudd, PT DPT CCTT (USA)

2012: hands-on courses A Comprehensive Approach to Soft Tissue Formation / Prof. dr. A. Sethi (UK)

2012: Quintessence Baltic Conference / Today vs. the Future. Modern and future technologies / DMD Didier Dietschi (Geneva, Switzerland) / Dr. Med. Dent. Alessandro Devigus (Zurich, Switzerland) / Prof. dr. Ashok Sethi (London, UK) / Dr. Med. Dent. Helmut Walsch (Munich, Germany)

2012: BioHorizons Symposium Series (Italy)

2012: international BOA congress (Lithuania)

2012: seminar Prosthetics in Periodontal Patients. Long-term Functional and Aesthetic Results (Lithuania)

2012: seminar Dental Implants. Different Approaches to Excellence (Lithuania)

2012: courses Implants in Maxillary Posterior Region. Sinus Lift / Vilniaus Implantologijos Centras

2012: seminar Peri-implant Soft Tissue Formation. Surgical and Prosthetic Aspects / Dr. J. Kielhorn

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