Irma Andziulienė

Dental care license No OPL-03821

Short biography

Since 2010: member of Lithuanian Orthodontic Society

2007-2010: secondary residency at VU Institute of Dentistry

Since 2007: works at implant and cosmetic dental clinic Neodenta

2006-2007: primary residency at KMUK

Since 2006: member of Lithuanian Dental Chamber

Courses and apprenticeships

2013: pre-congress courses Dental photography techniques and opportunities / Dr. med. dent. Wolfgang Bengel (Bensheim, Germany)

2013: 5th Quintessence Baltic Anniversary International Conference / Perfection in Dentistry. World Leaders' Aims and Achievements/ Dr. med. dent. Pascal Magne (Switzerland) / Dr. med. dent. Wolfgang Bengel (Bensheim, Germany) / Dr. Alessandro Ponte (Turin, Italy) / Dr. Justinas Bardijevskis (Kaunas, Lithuania) / Dr. Regimantas Simuntis (Kaunas, Lithuania)

2013: Erkodent courses: mouthguards for athletes and their manufacturing, sleep apnea appliances and their manufacturing, protective mouthguards (bruxism, bleaching, orthodontic, protective after cosmetic dentistry, protective after prosthetic treatment) Theory and Practice. / Prof. Harlkeinz Both / Prof. Holger Vogt. (Germany)

2013: course Working with 2D Lingual Braces. Theory and practice / Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta (Milan, Italy)

2012: Orthodontic Treatment using 2D Lingual Braces. Theory and practice Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta (Milan, Italy)

2012: Treatment of Angle Class II: from Functional Appliances to Ligature-free Braces / Dr. P. Manzo (Italy)

2012: Modern Orthodontic Treatment and Option Variety. How should your work be divided? Dr. A. Sondhi (USA)

2012: TMJ, TMD, Bruxism. Treatment using Parafunctional Mouthguards. Theory and Practice / Doc. T. Koržinskas (Germany)

2009: Biomechanics in Orthodontics: Old and New Methods, Treatment of Children and Adults / Dr. M. Korn (USA)

2009: Orthodontic Treatment Peculiarities in Adults / Dr. B. Ludwig (Germany)

2009: Use of Microscrews in Clinical Orthodontic Practice. Theory and Practice / Dr. S. Baumgartel (USA)

2009: New Trends in Dentistry. Doc. N. Kelbauskienė, Dr. K. Stašaitis, Dr. V. Vilkinis, K. Bušauskas (Lithuania)

2009: Orthodontic Treatment using Ligature-free Braces. Theory and practice / Dr. Fredrik Bergstrand (Sweden)

2008: Treatment of Orthodontic Anomalies using Appliances not requiring Patient Cooperation / Dr. S. Velo (Italy)

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