1157 Lt/335.09 € are compensated for services provided by Neodenta!


For our patients’ convenience implant and cosmetic dentistry clinic Neodenta has been collaborating with Kaunas territorial health insurance fund since 2012 to provide dental prosthetics. A constantly renewed contract with the THIF allows patients to receive free treatment at the clinic.


Procedure for providing dental prosthetics and compensating expenses from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF)


In 1 October 2009 a new procedure for providing dental prosthetics and compensating expenses from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) came into force. According to the law, these persons are eligible for free dental prosthetics compensated from the CHIF:

  • people of retirement age;
  • children up to 18 years old;
  • people recognized as disabled or partially disabled.

Dental prosthetics expenses are covered by the CHIF according to factual expenses, but not more than:

  • for retired, disabled or partially disabled persons with less than 10 functional pairs of natural or restored teeth from the first molar to the first molar of the opposite side, also for people with diagnosed II degree or more severe pathological tooth wear (more than 1/3 of the height of the crown) – up to 1157Lt/335.09 €
  • for retired, disabled or partially disabled persons with a fully edentulous lower jaw with a thickness of less than 12 mm in the region of teeth 4-6 – up to 3560Lt/1031.04 €;
  • children – up to 3560Lt/1031.04 €.

A person wishing to receive free dental prosthetics compensated by the CHIF has to seek his dentist in a primary ambulatory health care institution (PAHCI). One can also turn to dentists in other health care institutions with a license to provide dental care services, but the provided consultation will not be covered by the CHIF. After determining that a person is eligible for free dental prosthetics, provides the patient with a conclusion in an dental record extract (form 027/a).

The person with a determined need for dental prosthetics addresses his PAHCI and provides:

  • application to join the patient list for dental prosthetics ;
  • a photo ID;
  • a document demonstrating the right to receive free dental prosthetics;
  • dentist’s extract about the need for dental prosthetics (form 027/a).

The PAHCI registers the application and delivers it to the territorial health insurance fund (THIF).

The THIF includes the patient in the list of residents of the municipality with the need for dental prosthetics according to the application date.


This list is continuous and is compiled according to a single criterion the application date.


The THIF provides the person with a queue number by mail acknowledging the inclusion in the list for dental prosthetics.

Upon receiving the notice, the person can choose not to wait and instead pay for the dental services himself (herself). The treatment may be done in a chosen institution with a license to provide dental services. To compensate the expenses, the person has to provide the THIF:

  • approved forms for expense compensation with a bank account to transfer the funds;
  • the original of the invoice with the sum to be allocated from the CHIF;
  • the notice of inclusion in the list for dental prosthetics (a duplicate can be provided by the THIF in case of lost original).

When the person’s turn in queue arrives, the THIF sends a notice about compensating prosthetics expenses and will transfer the funds to the bank account provided.

A deceased person’s funds are turned over to his successors.

The THIF allocates funds for dental prosthetics by the CHIF to municipalities according to statistical number of residents and decides on the number of persons to be provided a compensation.

A person receiving a notice about the right to receive dental prosthetic services has to seek one of the health care institutions named in the THIF to have a contract to provide dental prosthetic services no later than in three months. We remind you that the patient has to be prepared for dental prosthetics, teeth treated or extracted, etc.

Prosthetics services can be postponed for serious health-related or other issues. If a person wants to exercise this right, he or his representative has to contact the THIF with an application to postpone dental prosthetics services, a physician’s conclusion on the person’s health condition not allowing for dental prosthetics, and has to arrange a new date.

If a person does not contact a health care institution for dental prosthetics or the THIF for postponing the service in three months, he/she is dropped out of the THIF list and loses the right to receive a CHIF compensation for dental prosthetics.


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