Many non-invasive measures are used in dentistry to provide visual information about a certain tooth or region of the mouth. Using the knowledge about typical criteria of various pathology, a clinician can use the data provided by visual diagnostic methods to diagnose a specific condition.


These tests are available at Neodenta implant and cosmetic dentistry clinic:


Orthopantomogram: it is an X-ray showing upper and lower jaws and the sinuses. It is crucial for evaluating the general condition of teeth and jaws and for treatment planning;






Lateral cephalogram: it is an X-ray of the head from the side, used for orthodontic treatment;














Dental X-rays: they are used to visualize internal tissues of the teeth by providing views of single teeth;






















Tomography and computed tomography (CT): they allow for a very precise diagnostics associated with changes in the mineral component of teeth, root and bone fractures, tooth position anomalies and for observing radiopaque foreign bodies;









Bitewing X-rays;











Test for bacteria associated with periodontitis and periimplantitis;









Dental cyst tests;














Saliva pH tests;











DNA tests.









After examining the patient and evaluating his condition an optimal treatment plan is created.

Modern equipment used in the clinic ensure a narrow X-ray beam targeted only at the region of interest, lead aprons are used to protect the patient from unnecessary irradiation.

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