Treatment using the trainer system

Your child has crowded teeth.

What treatment options are there?

Important information for parents of 5 to 8 year olds.


What causes orthodontic problems?


Improper bite is common between children. Modern research shows that the main causes of tooth crowding is mouth-breathing, tongue thrusting, improper swallowing and sucking on a thumb, all harmful functional habits. These habits restrict the growth of the face and cause orthodontic problems. Fixed braces do not remove these harmful habits.


Is orthodontic treatment using braces the only option?


Dr Chris Farrell founded Myofuncional Reseach Co (MRC) in 1989 to solve orthodontic problems in children more effectively. Appliances made by MRC are designed not only to straighten teeth, but also to correct the causes of tooth crowding, including harmful habits, such as mouth-breathing, tongue thrusting and improper swallowing.

Unlike traditional orthodontic appliances, the main goal of MRC is to achieve stable results for life, often without the use of braces or retainers. Treating the causes of tooth crowding will improve the child’s general health and fulfill the genetic potential. On the other hand, this technique depends on child’s effort, but has many advantages.


Trainer system

How does the TRAINER system work?

 The TRAINER system is comprised of various MRC appliances (trainers) designed to change the activity of muscle of the mouth and guide the erupting teeth towards proper positions.

  • These appliances actively straighten erupting teeth and jaws by:
  • directing the tongue into a correct position relative to the upper jaw;
  • change improper habits of swallowing, which cause tooth crowding;
  • make the patient breath through the nose, which is vital for proper formation of the face.

MRC trainer system appliances also move crowded teeth using small forces; wearing the trainer daily straightens the teeth and widen the jaw, improving development of the face and the whole body.


Wearing a trainer:

  • corrects tongue position;
  • straightens teeth and jaws;
  • do not allow for mouth-breathing;
  • improve facial development.

Development of tooth crowding:


tongue, cheek and lip activity determines tooth position;

proper development of the face depends on muscle activity and breathing habits.


Type the title here

Type the text hereT4K appliance (trainer)


Manages the causes of tooth crowding and insufficient facial development by correcting harmful habits

  • dental ridges straighten front teeth;
  • tongue loop work the tongue muscle;
  • lip spikes train the lower lip.



All MRC trainer system appliances must be worn for 1h during the day and for the whole night.


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