Using orthodontic treatment misaligned teeth and improper bite is corrected.







Main reasons of improper bite are:

  • genetic – we inherit tooth position and occlusion peculiarities from our parents and grandparents;
  • harmful habits, such as mouth-breathing, incorrect swallowing, improper tongue position;
  • eating habits – soft food creates a light load chewing muscles, in turn the jaws grow narrower compared to our grandparents or great-grandparents.

We recommend bringing your children at 7-8 years when jaws are developing especially intensively. If improper bite or lack of space for permanent teeth is diagnosed and treated timely the problems can be corrected successfully. Orthodontic treatment is especially effective during rapid growth.


Various removable and non-removable (fixed) appliances are used for orthodontic treatment:


Removable orthodontic appliances are removable plastic appliances used to expand the jaws to make space for permanent teeth. Removable appliances are worn constantly, except when eating or brushing teeth. Treatment takes approximately a year and is the most effective for children ages 7-10.


Brace system is a non-removable orthodontic appliance. Braces are bonded on the surfaces of teeth for the whole treatment period and only removed after the treatment. On average treatment takes about two years.

Tooth alignment using mouthguards - these are transparent removable appliances (mouthguards) worn constantly except when eating or brushing teeth. Treatment lasts up to a year.


Braces can be:


Metal – manufactured from high-quality alloys, are durable, resistant to fractures and chipping. They are small and therefore comfortable for the patient.





Ceramic – these braces are used more widely, since they are tooth-colored and less apparent.





Sapphire – transparent, exceptionally aesthetic braces made from monocrystalline synthetic sapphire with rounded corners, therefore do not cause discomfort after bonding. They are practically invisible, but treatment takes longer.


Ligature-free braces – these are a new generation of braces; they are easier to clean, treatment can take a little less. Patients experience less discomfort, teeth are not sensitive during treatment.





Lingual "invisible" braces. They are bonded on lingual (inner) surfaces of the teeth, therefore they are invisible, compared to aesthetic, but noticeable ceramic braces. In the beginning the patient may experience slight irritation of the tongue which should pass promptly. Lingual braces are especially effective when for social reasons patients do not want regular braces.





Straight teeth! Quick orthodontic treatment! Aesthetic braces!


Are you unhappy with your smile, but do not want long orthodontic treatment with metal braces? Are other treatment options too expensive or complicated?

We offer a solution: quick orthodontic treatment. It is a combination of research-based orthodontic treatment, modern materials and a new approach to treatment.

There is no doubt that orthodontic treatment using braces is the best and most appropriate technique to align teeth. In six months the patient sees his self-confidence improve his expectations being fulfilled:

  • short orthodontic treatment;
  • straight teeth;
  • good aesthetic during treatment, does not decrease quality of life or cause discomfort.

A smile in six months:


Quick orthodontic treatment usually takes six months;



  • esthetic Lucid-Lok braces and archwires;
  • more conservative than corrections using cosmetic fillings or cosmetic prostheses;
  • low forces and short duration ensure patient comfort and safety;
  • easier oral hygiene, patients do not get tired of spending time for dental hygiene procedures;
  • less costly compared to treatment using mouthguards or veneers;
  • additional corrections using cosmetic fillings are safe and conservative, minimal amounts of tooth tissue are removed.


More information: http://www.6monthsmiles.com/


How long does orthodontic treatment usually take?


Orthodontic treatment is divided into two phases: active (treatment) and passive (retentive). Mean treatment duration is 1.5-2 years. During this period the patient has to see his orthodontist every 6-8 weeks.


Tips for patients wearing braces

  • do not postpone regular visits to the orthodontist to change archwires, otherwise the treatment time will increase;
  • brush teeth using special toothbrushes and floss in the mornings and evenings;
  • rinse mouth after every meal;
  • avoid chewy, sticky, hard candy;
  • avoid hard food;
  • never remove the archwire, even if it is uncomfortable.

See a dental hygienist regularly (according to the recommendations by your orthodontist).

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